The Storm has arrived, can you weather it?

Gameplay Wave 1


In the dawn of the fifth age, humankind has reached the stars. High above the planet Lodone VI the Iidrok plot to destroy the human settled colony world by launching an assault of meteorites at the planet. You pilot the Storm the only human ship capable of destroying the meteors and saving the planet from the menace in the stars!


MeteoStorm is a retro style shoot 'em up that provides 25 waves of excitement! The Iidrok have gathered a mighty force with a variety of their ships: scouts, fighters, and carriers, all to defeat you! This of course along with all of the attempted meteor strikes which you must clear! Your ship the Storm is equipped with the latest in plasma beam weapons technology to pulverize the incoming onslaught to dust! Can you take up the challenge to defeat them all and save the planet?

Gameplay Wave 5
Gameplay Game Over


  • Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.15+
  • Intel based CPU
  • Intel HD Graphics or better
  • 8 GBs of RAM
  • 50 MBs of available HD space
  • Customizable controls with gamepad support